Miss Makeover

Miss Makeover Front_Back

Beauty writer and makeup maven Mara Francisco’s never gone out without her “face.” But what happens when she’s forced to go back to basics (read: absolutely NO makeup) in a remote beauty boot camp? Makeup mishaps, island escapades and social media slip-ups mix in with crucial matters of the heart.

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No Boyfriend Since Birth

(Summit Books)


Meet maketing gal Rudie Bermejo, who’s pretty, smart and a whiz at her job. But if she’s all that, how come she’s never been with anyone?

Budget is the New Black

(Marshall Cavendish Singapore)


With a fabulous job, designer outfits, a posh flat, and glam trips abroad — Sabbie Chua seems to have it made. But what happens when her high-flying life comes crashing down?

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Girl Meets World

(Summit Books)


Shy Mia Tupas gets out of her comfort zone and embarks on a tour of Southeast Asia in hot pursuit of The One. Join her in her search for answers, and hopefully, true love.

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